Residential Services – M-W Electric, Inc. can provide you with the professional services you require for your home, whether it be the total wiring of a new residence or an electrical problem you may be facing in your existing home.

Commercial Services – M-W Electric, Inc. offers a wide range of commercial services that range from new construction to maintenance issues for existing businesses. Contact us to obtain a list of references.

Industrial Services – M-W Electric, Inc. is proud to work with many industries in our surrounding area. We value and cater to these very important customers because we know that their need to stay operational is imperative to providing continuing employment for many people in our community.

Utilities – M-W Electric, Inc. has the capability and equipment to perform utility work, whether it be digging and burying lines or setting pad mounted transformers and/or generators.

Data Communications – M-W Electric, Inc. can provide and install the latest in technological data communication systems. This is a constantly changing industry which we are excited to be a part of.

Boring/Digging Services – M-W Electric, Inc. has the capability and equipment to bore/dig new and additions to pre-existing holes.

Data Communications

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